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PMK80, plug & play connection


  • This product is suitable to make pre-wired connections in a concrete ceiling. This way, the consumer unit can be pluggable connected to the installation.
  • The PMK80 offers space for 3 chassis parts for the plug & play connection of a consumer unit. A maximum of 2 x 3/4/5-pin connectors can be placed in the connector and covers a 1 x 3-pin connector.
  • A maximum of 10 current-carrying wires with a maximum current of 160A may be used in the PMK80.
  • Both sides of the PMK80 are equipped with tube inlets (or spouts), 2 x for 16/19/20 mm tube (or conduit) and 1 x for 16 mm tube (or conduit). The tube inlets (or spouts) are provided with red sealing tape to seal unused tube inlets (or spouts) against liquid concrete.
  • We do not recommend applying the white sticker under moist conditions and below 5 C°.

NOTE: turn off the power from all sections prior to entering the box and/or making connections

Installation instructions

Overview of the parts

Step 1.

Punch the holes for the chassis parts out of the connector cover, cut away any remains with a punch knife.

Step 2.

Place the chassis parts in the terminal cover. Note: both sides must snap into place.

Step 3.

Stick the white seal sticker over the chassis parts. Press well along the edges.

Step 4.

Fold the edges of the seal sticker along the side and stick it.

Step 5.

Place the box on the steel formwork, the drill holes are Ø 4,8mm.

Step 6.

Or secure the box to, for example, 1-2 PVC pipes on the concrete reinforcement mesh, thereby preventing the box from floating during the casting process.

Step 7.

Place the tubes in the conduits. The pipe can be inserted through the red membranes. Unused conduits must remain closed.

Step 8.

Remove the top cover and connect the wiring to the connectors. Bear in mind that wires must have excess length so that the connector cover can be removed from the bottom later on.

Step 9.

Replace the cover. The product is now ready for the casting process.

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